This blog is intended as a space for sharing betwixt friends and family.

We may know each other, or we may not. We may reside in the same country or continent, or we may not. We may have similar professions, or we may not. We may have similar pursuits and pleasures, or we may not. We may have families close by, or we may not.

We may be confident and brave, or we may not. We may have a wonderful partner, or we may not. We may have a wonderful old beat-up Land-rover, or we may not. We may hear the dawn chorus wherever we are, or we may not. We may be Strong and fit, or we may not. We might love chocolate, or we may not.

All these may be’s and may not’s combine together in an infinite number of possibilities creating a magnificent group of unique individuals. And each of these individuals contribute their living essence to the people, groups, societies and communities that they may touch on. This can be near, or it may be far. Each of these may be’s and may not’s are part of other magnificent groups, who in turn become woven into the tapestry that is the world, and beyond that.

But I, even at my age, am still the sapling trying to stand up alone; the baboon sitting at the fringes of the group. I have, not just been around the block, I have been up the steepest mountains and down the deepest trenches of the oceans. And I definitely have not taken the easiest route. Most of the way has been travelled in confusion, naivety and inexperience. The way has been dominated by strong emotions of despair and self-deprecation. Even the euphoria, dancing, playing, singing has been superficial and dangerous. In spite of the narrow paths I have tried to stay on, even with one toe, I have found patches of beauty and serenity. Some of the time I have even managed a little bit of hope.

I am aware now (deep in my soul – not just words) that all worth of life is captured by only a handful of events and emotions. For me, at this moment in time, the paramount meaning is that inexplicably intense love for my children. They are “my everything”. Other essentials are:

a. It is necessary to have a roof over your head and food – only if you have been in a situation without these, can you truly appreciate how much the majority of people (in our general sphere) have, (and how much they moan about what they have, and what they want to have).

b. Empathy, Compassion and Kindness are vital for any interaction to be positive – unfortunately not many people have these traits, but the good news is that they can be learned and practiced continuously .

c. Don’t be afraid of dying (I promise). Just worry about living, right now; don’t procrastinate – tell your loved ones ALL the time how much you love them.

And d. Don’t be scared to share your emotions, fears, stresses, shortcomings, desires, dreams and hopes. Don’t be like me. Don’t shy away, pretend you are fine, when inside you are screaming and burning up. Don’t try to shut out the world, and your life by addiction, anger or gloom. Even though most of the time people seem to be too busy to listen, or they might not believe what you tell, or they simply do not have the capacity to understand (It is lonely to be like me); I think that there are some people who just need to become aware, who would support if they knew that they could help.

So now, I have a new hope. I hope that I can share bits and bobs of my life (past and present) with those I have been close to at some point. I am only just emerging out of this very dark and long tunnel, and maybe it is time that I tried to join the forest and let the grown trees look after me. Maybe it is time to rejoin the troupe. Maybe it is time for me to get off my fat backside and use the time I have on my hands to reach out and converse.

I am rather unsure of how these websites work, so it may be a bit wonky at first. Read the page: Home / Why first. Some of the pages will be used to look at “more serious” issues (medical and philosophical), some to showcase everyone’s art and crafts, and some to inspire with words.

Please all use this as a place to write comments, submit prose, art, photographs (artistic, funny, family, birds, flowers….) and anything else that is insightful, amusing or interesting.

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