Wow, have I been on a substantial learning curve!

But I enjoy it a great deal. Actually, my biggest problem is that I get sidetracked by new and different crafts and want to try them all, and (being a perfectionist) want it all to turn out to be fabulous! Here is what I am into right now:

Origami – I have always enjoyed doing origami. Now that I am back into it, there are amazing creations out there, some very mathematical (and complex).

Mothers Day Flower Bouquet – Origami Flowers, Butterflies and Dragonflies
Close up of Kusudama Flowers

Origami Hair Clip

Kumihimo – this is the art of Japanese braiding, whereby using a disk cut with notches and cord lovely braids can be produced. A step up is to include beads to add glamour and flare. Once you have ironed out the beginners bugs it is very relaxing – I do it on trains, waiting for something, watching TV…

Kumihimo Necklace and Bracelet – simple (Terrible Photo)

Iris Folding – this is lovely way to make cards, and I can use scraps of my origami to make it.

Iris Folding Heart

Lets just say that all this and my art keeps me somewhat busy!

Now I would love to see what other handiwork people are enjoying.

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