Challenge / Zambia

I found this photo (via facebook Group) of my class when I was in Grade 2, in 1974, in Lusaka, Zambia. How great is that? I do remember a few classmates – vaguely. I suspect those whom I have a clearer image of, I was with them in later grades as well.

So, the challenge – which lovely young (and messy) lady am I??

Wonderful ancient class photo Grade 2 in Zambia, 1974!!

+With the recent Black Lives Matter movement, topics around racism have been brought to the surface and there are conversations happening that have been too quoet for a long time.

Therefore, it is really interesting to note that in the early 1970’s, in Africa, we were brought up together. We had friends of all colours and religions (I like the feasts with gold leaf the best). We intermingled and had sleepovers with nothing but curiosity at that which was different to our family and culture.

White children were about 45% of my class. Zambian Independence had only happened 10 years previously (and peacefully). The key seems to have been fore-sighted teachers and school officials ensuring that we were all brought up to share our commonalities and to explore the unknown. I remember being totally overwhelmed by the American Embassy – where my school friend lived. The food, the accent, the decoration was all foreign to me, and I was never completely at ease. But my Hindu friend and i were spoiled by her mother making us gorgeous saris to wear (I felt like a wonderful princess with magical abilities.)

In fact I had so many interactions that were fun and interesting.

And it must be noted that this was Not a case of “redress” or “affirmitive action” or “window dressing”. It was genuine – all classes of all the years have similar photos in terms of ethinicity.

So I say again – 1974 – in Africa

What has happened since then????????

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      1. One of my two guesses, the other was the blondie with the short curly hair in the middle showing a bit of leg 😀


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