Oh, the tribulations of learning how to paint!

After I finished the lion, I decided in a fit of madness , that I wanted to paint a portrait next. I chose a Mongolian girl in a pensive mood. I knew it would be hard, but completely under estimated the degree of difficulty. Proportions, Skin Colours, Highlights and shadows, hair, skin, and so it goes on.

But I tried.

And I kept redoing and redoing – especially the eyes, nose and ear. And it got worse, and muddier. Eventually I gave up on the poor thing. She is now called the “Grumpy Girl”, even though I don’t think she is.

This is the first portrait I attempted (overly ambitious as portraits are really, really hard.) I called her Grumpy Girl (she is actually from Mongolia). Eventually, I gave up on due to frustration at my inability to get her eyes, nose and ear right.

However, I did attempt her again (that is me – perfectionist who refuses to give up.)

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